Michael DeRose Designs is Santa Barbara's premier example of Italian, Spanish, French, and Mediterranean Residential Design, Landscape Design, & Interior Design. Designer Michael DeRose specializes in designing residential homes, villas, and estates throughout the Santa Barbara, Montecito, and California area, performing the roles of Residential Designer, Landscape Designer, and Interior Designer.

        Michael earned his Master's Degree from UCSB in Fine Arts. After his studies at the University, he went on to have a successful career as a Plein Air Landscape painter, until one day when he received his first offer to design a villa. Michael had a deep knowledge of construction due to growing up on a construction site with his father, and with this knowledge of building mixed with his artistic sensibilities, his Residential Design career was born. Being of Italian descent, Michael naturally leans towards Mediterranean style villas, which is what he has specialized in for over 30 years.

        Michael has the ability to design a villa from start to finish, including: planning the site, creating conceptuals for the house and the garden, designing the house and garden floorplans, designing the interiors, detailing the entire house, and finally supervising construction.

        All aspects of Michael's projects are generally hand-drawn and designed by Michael, and then hand-made by the best craftsman around. This includes light-fixtures, fireplaces, gates, doors, windows, bathtubs, fountains, and much more. With Michael as your designer, you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind home, much like you would have in Renaissance Italy.

Michael DeRose Designs

103 El Paseo, Santa Barbara, Ca, 93101